Tsila  Goldstein - "The lacemaker" project
The woman surrounds  herself  with beauty,  sometimes in order to disguise her  inner sorrow and other times
just out of joy. She is the  “lacemaker”  of life, navigating  among  her chores,  finding  “the golden path”  
between  her family needs, society demands and her own spiritual and personal needs. The works are
performed  in mixed techniques using pieces of  old cotton and lace garments as parts of abstract relief
compositions,  arising many nostalgic associations of home, childhood, womanhood….   In some of the works I
quote entries from “the Dictionary of Toilet“ published in England by  “Pears Soap”  company in 1933.  There I
found many values on which I was educated, demanding the woman to always look happy,  interested, well kept
and   "well behaved", covering her real “truth”  in order to succeed in life. On the other hand I quote Virginia
Woolf’s “A Room of one’s Own”, encouraging the woman to attend to her privacy and her personal needs.